Unraveling the Connection Between Massage and Relaxation

I remember the first time I had my first luxury massage experience. It was in Hawaii with my sister at a Shiatsu place. From that moment on, I was hooked on massage. I wouldn’t have known that 7 years later, I’d be providing one of the most luxurious massage experiences you could have, a sensual, erotic tantra massage.

Why Massage is More Than Just a Luxury

Massage isn’t just for the wealthy or overly stressed. Actually, it’s a wonderful form of self-care. I’d go as far as saying it’s essential for your well-being. I couldn’t imagine going more than a month without a massage. Think about it in the same way as you maintain your health with diet and exercise, so too do you maintain your physical well-being and balance with massage.

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Understanding Massage

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the use of a variety of techniques to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. It’s not merely about touch. It’s about understanding the body, its needs and facilitating its natural healing process.

Different Types of Massage

Massage over the years have accumulated styles – from the long, gentle Swedish massage strokes to more focused pressure of Deep Tissue massage. A well-established and experienced massage professional uses a wide variety of them to facilitate a good experience for you and your body.

The Power of Touch: How Massage Works

There’s another aspect to massage that people often wonder, and that’s touch. It’s because touch can evoke strong emotions and sensations. It’s actually one of our primal forms of communication. Before we ever develop language, we had kinesthetic communication (touch). So, a good massage communicates care, comfort and appreciation of your body. Your body’s natural healing responses are engaged, your circulation becomes better, and your muscle is relieved of tension. But, the effects are not only physical, it’s also mental and emotional.

The Relaxation Phenomenon

What is Relaxation?

True relaxation is a state where your body and mind are in harmony, free of tension and worry. It’s a state of equilibrium. This is often something people can’t get to because while worry requires psychological enlightenment, body tension requires manual manipulation (massage).

The Science Behind Relaxation

When you’re relaxed, your heart-rate will slow, blood pressure will drop, and your muscles will allow themselves to release tension. Your brain will produce endorphins which are feel-good hormones. For most people, this requires tremendous focus. This is why massage is so powerful since the massage professional helps your body release and you can just let go of your mind.

How Massage Brings About Relaxation

Touch and Relaxation: The Biological Connection

When you get a massage, your skin sends signals to your brain to release hormones telling your muscles to release. This mind-state also reduces your cortisol production, stress hormones, and gets you deeper into a relaxed state. It’s the perfect blend of rejuvenation and peace.

Emotional Release: The Psychological Benefit of Massage

Most people don’t consider the emotional benefits of massage until they’re receiving it. After, they feel a sense of well-being and rejuvenation without recognizing that massage has given them in that moment a powerful emotional reassurance, support, and release.

My Approach to Massage

Personal Techniques to Enhance Relaxation

Over the years, I’ve honed various techniques and skills to manifest a heightened state of relaxation and release in your body. I also incorporate the holistic power of sensuality into my massage that makes it a real, complete form of rejuvenation and relaxation. I’ve come to call these techniques Solomon Tantra.

Your Session

Your relaxing massage experience starts long before my hands touch your body. It begins with my communication and the environment that I create for your session – calming lighting, music, and aromatherapy – are all designed to make you comfortable and begin relaxing the moment we meet.


Frequently Asked Questions

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