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Stephanie Naranjo
Stephanie Naranjo
October 25, 2023
Jax was so welcoming and soft spoken. He made sure I was ok and asked permission at almost every touch. I felt so healed and open afterwards. It was truly an incredible experience!🩷
Ari Q
Ari Q
August 4, 2023
I suffer from c-ptsd and wanted to try massage as a form of Touch Therapy. Jax has a trauma informed approach and I would absolutely recommend Jax to others who have intimacy issues related to ptsd.
Rebecca Adair
Rebecca Adair
May 11, 2023
Great relaxing and sensual massage. Felt comfortable the whole time with him asking permission. First timer and look forward to another session soon.
Rebecca Adair
Rebecca Adair
May 11, 2023
Jax really knows how to make a first timer comfortable with asking for permission the whole time. Great message that is relaxing and sensual at the same time. Look forward to another session. 😊
Jennifer Boisjoli
Jennifer Boisjoli
April 3, 2023
Jax is a skilled tantric body worker. I’ve had two profoundly impactful sessions that opened me up to a beautiful sensual side I had long forgotten. He is respectful, professional, and insightful.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee
March 17, 2023
Jax es muy bueno en lo que hace!! Entre con mucha tension y sali pero nuevesita!! Una de las mejores sesiones que he tenido!! Lo recomiendo 100%. Vine desde San Diego a comprobar y si! Excelente!!!!!
Aubrey Haze
Aubrey Haze
March 6, 2023
Tantra Massage LV is my monthly haven! Jax is a virtuoso in massage, communication & tantric guidance. Each session leaves me rejuvenated & renewed!

We knew we found what we were looking for

May 14, 2024

I was about to give up on finding someone good then I found GiGi!!! The moment she got to our hotel room we knew we found what we were looking for. GiGi is very sexy and one of the sweetest, nicest ladies you could ever meet. We got two massages from her and tried to book a third before we left Vegas but our timing would not work for the third. We can not wait till we are back in town so we can spend more time with her! Please don’t waste time and money on a scammer…contact the sexiest girl in Vegas she is worth every penny.

Avatar for M & J
M & J

She found pleasure centers on my body I didn’t know I had

May 2, 2024

A girl cancelled on me, fortunately…because that brought me to Gigi. After a brief flurry of emails, I booked her and off we go…

She arrived to my hotel later that evening – just when we agreed. Very sultry and ready for fun. We sipped some wine and as her music filled the room with erotic vibes.

Not wanting to rush it, we shifted to a sexy massage session that I won’t soon forget. She found pleasure centers on my body I didn’t know I had…lol. Her fingers are truly magic…

Amazing finish to an incredible evening. So good in fact, we met again the next afternoon. Highly recommend!

Avatar for Bob the Bellagio Fountain” -
Bob the Bellagio Fountain” -

Erotic Couples Massage

April 29, 2024

Dear Gigi,

We both want to thank you for an amazing experience. You are such a warm, genuine and caring individual and we will always remember the time that we spent with you.

Thank you once again.

Avatar for J & B
J & B

The Bondasutra session was magnificent!

March 21, 2024

Dear Gigi,

Thank for the wonderful time tonight. The Bondasutra session was magnificent! I loved the way you wove the various elements together and created a evening of surprise and fulfillment. You created an evening to remember!

Avatar for B

What an utterly fabulous experience!

March 9, 2024

What an utterly fabulous experience! My birthday and our wedding anniversary were made perfect thanks to our decision to spend quality time with Gigi. Hours later we’re still on cloud nine. Sincerest thanks.

Avatar for P & A
P & A

Thanks for making our trip so memorable, Gigi!

February 28, 2024

Thanks for making our trip so memorable, Gigi! We’ll never forget our experience with you! And we learned some great techniques! 😉 We appreciate you!

Avatar for M & A
M & A

Definitely a wonderful experience

February 11, 2024

Jax is very sweet and comfortable. A wonderful experience that I look forward to repeating.

Avatar for Angel

A New Full Moon Energy

February 8, 2024

Jax is very gentle, warm and very professional. He made me feel very comfortable and made sure I was okay throughout the whole session. What amazed me was “the incredible positive energy “ I had after the session. I felt so calm, peaceful, and a new energetic positive power in me throughout the day and the next day. I never had a massage early in the morning, and I think morning massage gave a different energy that I’ve never experienced. I really love it. It’s was amazing! Thank you Jax!

Avatar for Kristina

Our session today was miraculous bliss!

February 2, 2024

Our session today was miraculous bliss! I was so nervous (first tantra session and first time ever meeting up with someone I found online like this) and you made me feel at ease from the moment I opened the door. I chose the Urban Kamasutra service which was everything I hoped it would be. You definitely earned your nickname of Goddess! I was amazed at how intuitive you are… I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years so I have a really good sense of what great bodywork feels like. It had been so long since I had such a loving touch like yours that I had almost forgotten what that was like. I will 100% be booking another session when I get back into town… Thanks again!

Avatar for Trevor

Jax is amazing

January 27, 2024

My wife was very nervous coming into this as she’s only ever had one massage before. Jax quickly calmed her with his skilled hands. She (and I, watching) had a fantastic time. On the way back to the hotel my wife said she needs regular massages now. Thank you, Jax!

David Review Photo Tantric Massage in Las Vegas in Tantra Room Taken By Husband
Avatar for David

Our session with Jax was Amazing

January 6, 2024

Last night my wife and I had the best session with Jax. It was phenomenal and we’re hoping that he’s available again tonight.

Avatar for Alvin Garrrtt
Alvin Garrrtt

Wonderful Experience

December 28, 2023

Jax gave an amazing massage! He was considerate and made sure I was comfortable each step of the way. I felt very blissful afterward. My husband also had a great time watching. Highly recommend!

Avatar for Shan

Amazing. Clear Mental/ Emotional blocks

December 26, 2023

coming out of a divorce he was great. He helped me clear some emotional blocks that I had. highly recommend.

Avatar for Mia


December 20, 2023

Jax is so gentle and customizes the pressure according to your needs. Best service I have ever had.

Avatar for Anonymous

Sweet Experience

November 15, 2023

Highly recommend. Jax is present, respectful and a very comforting spirit to be around. Was my first experience but the nervousness melted away after meeting. Would do it again next time I’m in town!

Avatar for Mien Girl
Mien Girl


November 13, 2023

Surprise trip to Vegas for wifey and she will never forget her first tantric massage. Perfect from start to finish. Exceptional ambience and she’s already hoping for another very soon!

Avatar for Hubs

Amazing massage 5*

November 10, 2023

I booked Tantra massage for my wife first time. She really enjoyed it. Jax was nice and explained everything about it to make sure my wife is comfortable during the session. We’ll definitely recommend him for massage.

Avatar for KV

Tantric Massage

October 29, 2023

I had my second tantric session with Jax. It was just as rewarding as our first session. Jax is very intuitive and knows exactly what your body needs. I will be booking another session after the New Year!

Thank You Jax!

Avatar for Rivergirl

Comforting and incredible

October 28, 2023

I was nervous & shy, and was made to feel so comfortable. Amazing to say the least.

Avatar for Shy shy
Shy shy

Don't think, just book

October 21, 2023

Jax was absolutely amazing and very attentive to my needs. 100/10 will be scheduling another session. If you are looking for the hands of a true master to melt all your worries away, Jax is the one.

Avatar for Laura

First Time Tantra

October 10, 2023

Jax was very accommodating and professional…which in turn made me feel completely comfortable in my own skin.

I’m was definitely a very sensual experience…

Avatar for Just For Fun
Just For Fun

Just what I needed

October 2, 2023

Jax was very professional and respectful for this first timer having a Tantric Massage. He made me feel great and opened up a long forgotten sensual side. Will book him again when back in Vegas. Highly recommended.

Avatar for SC

Tantra massage for my wife while I observed

October 1, 2023

Jax is a true artist in his craft and he has a natural calling in making people feel very welcome and conformable. He’s extremely respectful and communicative in which my wife and I both liked and we will be booking again with him soon.

Avatar for D G


September 22, 2023

My massage experience with Jax was wonderful. His entire focus is on making you feel wonderful. So friendly and positive with excellent techniques. I was completely satisfied and will call him again n my next trip to Vegas!!!

Avatar for Lilsnackcake5


September 19, 2023

It was an amazing experience, change my perspective and sense of love to my husband. Jax was incredible!

Avatar for B

Tantra Massage

September 10, 2023

I booked Jax for a 90 min. Tantra massage. It was an incredible experience. Jax is a very caring person who puts your needs first and foremost. He made me feel very relaxed (as I was a bit nervous) since this was my first time. This experience left me feeling very gratified. I will be booking another massage with Jax in October.

Avatar for Rivergirl

Highly recommend!

August 31, 2023

Jax has the kindest, warmest and most welcoming energy. Just being in his presence is calming! He was very attuned to my body, seemed to sense which areas were holding tension, and he focused his attention where I needed it the most. He definitely has expert hands, but the addition of him guiding me through some breath work made such a huge difference in how quickly I was able to relax and really enjoy my massage.

He was very flexible in scheduling around my work schedule which was a lifesaver.

I cannot recommend him highly enough, and look forward to booking again the next time I’m in Vegas!

Avatar for Truvail

Hottest Night Ever

August 25, 2023

Jax is an absolute magician. He brought out a side in my wife that I wasn’t aware of, and I love it. We will definitely visit Vegas again just for another exercise with Jax.

Avatar for Sages Husband
Sages Husband

Great for PTSD touch therapy!

August 4, 2023

I suffer from intimacy issues related to c-ptsd and in THE book on ptsd “The Body Keeps the Score” author Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. suggests using massage as a form of Touch Therapy. Used alongside other forms of ptsd treatment, touch therapy can be “an incredibly powerful tool to develop body awareness, ground us in the present moment, and reestablish boundaries and a sense of safety in touch.”

Jax’s trauma informed approach really helped give me the level of safety I needed to go forward with this part of my healing. He checked in with me throughout the session and was very sensitive and empathetic when I inevitably got emotional.

I would absolutely recommend Jax to others who have intimacy issues related to ptsd/c-ptsd.

Avatar for Ari

Utterly amazing

July 29, 2023

Best two hours of my life. Jax made me feel so comfortable. It was amazingly fun and I’m SO glad I did this for myself!

Avatar for Star


July 17, 2023

Such a wonderful, relaxing experience! Jax was a gentleman, tuned into and asking what my sensitivities and comfort level was … definitely worth another visit and a recommendation!

Avatar for Anonymous

Very relaxing

July 14, 2023

I received a tantric massage from him and it was very relaxing. He has very gentle bed side manner and makes the experience safe.

Avatar for Z

Sensual and relaxing

July 10, 2023

Jax is so sweet, attentive, and skilled! He listens to your body and gives it the attention it needs. I’m typically self conscious, but I felt completely comfortable with Jax. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to treat themselves!

Avatar for Anonymous

Treat yourself!

June 26, 2023

Hadn’t had a massage in a long. Jax was very professional and senual, making me feel so comfortable. He focused on areas that needed attention. I felt so relaxed and blissful after. He is truly wonderful and has a healing touch that leaves you feeling radiant. Looking forward to the next one.

Avatar for Blaze

It is an amazing experience

June 13, 2023

It was my first time trying and turned out really good experience for me . Jax made me feel really comfortable and relaxed

I recommend his service

Avatar for Sou

Perfect relaxation

June 5, 2023

You feel like you’re on a cloud after. The world is a better place. Nothing bothers you. Jax created a physically and emotionally safe space for the body and mind to relax and receive as much healing as you allow yourself. An experience to remember, and a great way to love oneself.

Avatar for Lana


June 3, 2023

It was my first time having this type of massage and Jax was phenomenal! He immediately made me feel comfortable. Jax hands were skilled, sensual and awakened me sexually. His attitude was warm and professional. It’s a must have experience!

Avatar for Happy lady
Happy lady

Couples Massage

April 6, 2023

We had a couples massage by Jax and Aubrey. It was AMAZING!! When our time was up, we did not want it to be over. I would highly recommend getting a massage from Jax and Aubrey. You will not regret it!

Avatar for Anonymous

Wife’s First

March 21, 2023

Me and my wife of 18 years have never done anything like this before. We knew we wanted to do something new to spice it up and dead terrified to have a bad experience. Jax was very professional, and very thoughtful during the tantra experience. My wife had an amazing time and I had an even better time watching. Jax is highly skilled and left both of us COMPLETELY satisfied. I highly recommend giving him a try before any other providers. Especially if this is your first experience.

Avatar for TN Couple
TN Couple

Adoring and Tantalizing

March 6, 2023

Jax was super sweet and made me feel comfortable during my first tantric massage. I just love how easy it was to communicate with him and relax into bliss.

Avatar for Anonymous

My wife's 1st tantra massage

January 21, 2023

My wife and I both had a great experience. Communication was awesome he talked to me before and after just to make sure we both were comfortable. Lets just say the rest of the night was pretty hot for my wife and I. 9/25/22

Avatar for s

Grounded & Relaxed

November 18, 2022

Jax was very personable and professional making sure to check in with my comfort level. He has a warm manner and intuitive touch. I feel much more mentally and physically grounded and relaxed. I’ve really missed touch in my life over the past couple years. So it kind of helped make me feel seen. Thanks Jax!

Avatar for A


October 27, 2022

Definitely seeing Jax in the near future… I was very comfortable around him. He definitely worked on the areas that needed attention. I was very relaxed when he was done. Overall experience was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for such a relaxing experience.

Avatar for Jessica

Jax was very professional, and went above and beyond for my wife.

October 26, 2022

Jax was very professional, and went above and beyond for my wife. She is still very impressed. This was her first pro massage and if we ever visit Las Vegas again Jax will be our first call.

Avatar for Anonymous

Do not hesitate. Jax is amazing!

October 22, 2022

Worth every second. Thank you again, Jax. Will see you soon!!

Avatar for LF 😍
LF 😍


August 14, 2022

The best massage I’ve ever had and I’ve had MANY! Jax is so chill and sweet! I’ve always been self conscious about my body but he made me feel totally comfortable! I can’t wait to see him again sometime!

Avatar for Melissa

Safe, Sexy, Satisfied

August 1, 2022

I was timid about my massage at first, but Jax made me feel safe so that I could release my inhibitions. Then he made me feel sexy by connecting with me physically. Lastly, I was satisfied, don’t confuse that with content. I mean satisfied. Completely and totally fulfilled in my desired outcome. I Highly recommend him!!!!! Be open and honest with him and you will get a level of service rarely found.

Avatar for Happy

10 stars!!!!

July 22, 2022

My experience with Jax was outstanding. I felt safe and Jax was a professional. He opened me up like a blooming flower. Amazing! Powerful! It was a beautiful moment of synchronicity.

Avatar for Courtney

Spiritual Relief

July 9, 2022

The massage was relaxing and peaceful. An hour of total stillness with breathing exercises. Recommend for women who needs a moment of a judgement free, peaceful and relaxing healing massage.

Avatar for Anonymous


June 17, 2022

I had so much fun. This was my first time getting the tantra massage. Jax was just awesome. I didn’t want the hour to be over. Total relaxation. #heavenly, #loved it. I am already looking forward to my next one.

Avatar for RA

Great experience

June 5, 2022

Jax is such a sweet guy. I really enjoyed the tantra massage. It was amazing and i will come back for sure.

Avatar for Bianca

Couples Tantric Massage

June 4, 2022

We had an amazing experience with Jax and Aubrey for a couples tantric massage. First, my wife had a Four Hands Massage by both Jax and Aubrey and WOW. She experienced another level of sensory touch that she is still talking about. They were both amazing and highly recommend!!

Avatar for Omar

Fantastic Experience

May 2, 2022

My fiancée and I enjoyed a couples session with Aubrey and Jax and it was incredible. They were so respectful, so sensitive, and so caring it made for an incredibly enjoyable experience that also deepened the love and connection between my fiancée and myself. We felt safe and comfortable and are looking forward to a future session.

Avatar for Anonymous

Absolute Best Experience

April 27, 2022

My husband and I were looking for a masseur who was knowledgeable in different forms of massage and Jax delivered. He was able to offer different modalities that were relaxing for me as well as pinpointing specific areas of my body that needed more attention. He was very conscientious of my needs and very encouraging in the way he approached me in order to make me feel comfortable and in the moment. He was very professional while making sure I received the type of massage that was best for me. I would recommend him highly for anyone wanting the absolute best experience available for massage in Las Vegas! I will book with him again next time we are in the area.

Avatar for Keely

Great massage

April 25, 2022

Amazing and so relaxing. I recommend for everyone lol

Avatar for Rissa

Beautifully Amazing Experience

April 8, 2022

My husband and I had an amazing massage experience. Jax and Aubrey had such a relaxed and welcoming vibe and were so intuitive with our massage needs. Highly recommend this experience.

Avatar for D

Kind, knowledgeable, perfect touch

April 2, 2022

Jax is so incredibly kind and personable that it’s easy to feel relaxed with him. He knows how to find and ease the the tension in the problem areas. I truly knew that he wanted to be there with me in that moment, and his encouragement to “just receive” was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Jax. I hope to see you again!

Avatar for Mariana

Expansive and Liberating

March 30, 2022

My experience with Jax was beautifully expansive and liberating. ~B

Avatar for Beth

Just what I was looking for...

March 24, 2022

I felt very comfortable going to Jax. I did my homework on him and I saw multiple videos and websites of his talent and professionalism. It was perfect and what I wanted and needed from my massage. He’s very kind and gentle, he’s a centered Spirit. I would highly recommend him. Whenever I visit Vegas again I will certainly be back to Jax.

Avatar for Sylvia

Wonderful experience!!

March 23, 2022

Tantra is the most exquisite, liberating massage I’ve ever had in my life….

Truly an amazing experience, very delicious and relaxing, I feel sooo good.

Jax touch is like no other, it was my first time getting a massage by a man so I was a little nervous but he made me feel very

comfortable, I am so happy I decided to do this, I honestly can’t wait for my next session, super excited.

Thank you Jax for helping me in my sexual healing journey.

See you soon!

Avatar for Desiree

Finding my sexuality

March 18, 2022

First time doing a Tantra Massage and Jax received me with openness, and warmth. I was very comfortable and the massage progressed slowly helping me feel my body in every detail of it. Jax was present and taking care of my body while I allowed myself to just feel it. What a liberating experience. Thank you Jax! Will be back !

Avatar for AC

Beyond delightful

March 15, 2022

Wow! Jax was beyond delightful! The Massage was over the top! He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable!! Will seek him out again when we come back to Vegas!

Avatar for Laura

On cloud nine...

February 24, 2022

Jax is the absolute best. He’s really soft-spoken but confident and alluring. He’s incredibly sexy in many ways. The tantra was incredible but even just the massage was the best I’ve had. 100 stars!! Superb.

Avatar for Allie S.
Allie S.

A truly exquisite experience

February 24, 2022

I’ve been going to Jax for years as I became addicted to his massage! (kidding but he’s really THAT amazing) Even given my frequency of visits, not once has he become complacent like other massage therapists I’ve had. He’s always present and delivers excellent quality and professional service every time! His technique is unique and unlike any massage I’ve ever had – He really knows what he’s doing! I love how comfortable his presence and communication makes me feel. Not only do I feel phenomenal physically after my massage, my headspace has also improved with less stress, heightened confidence, energy, and expression in my daily life. Book with him for a truly exquisite experience!

Avatar for Aubrey

I hired Jax for my wife for a tantra massage.

February 24, 2022

I hired Jax for my wife for a tantra massage. We had never done anything like this before. We were both very nervous. He was professional and appropriate. We communicated ahead of time about expectations. The massage was erotic and exciting. I shared it with her and it was special. This opened up a whole new world of closeness for us. Highly recommended!

Avatar for Anonymous

Before discovering Tantra and finding Jax...

February 24, 2022

Before discovering Tantra and finding Jax, I knew I had to heal my sexual energy. I didn’t know how. Jax has helped me heal from sexual trauma and abuse by giving me permission to be & selfish & honest, ask for what I needed. He made it all about me (unlike my abusers-it was all about what they wanted from me). His hands are magical, sensual, healing and calming. I highly recommend tantra for learning how to own your sexuality and take back your sexual power. Jax is like none other!

Avatar for Sexual Healing
Sexual Healing

I would definitely recommend Jax if you are looking to provide your wife an awesome tantric massage

October 25, 2021

I set up a couples massage with Jax and his friend and colleague Aubrey for Friday, October 1, 2021, @ 10:00 pm at his studio as a birthday gift for my beautiful sexy significant other. It was a complete surprise for her.

Upon arrival we were kindly greeted at the door and felt very comfortable and welcome. We were both escorted to a room that was setup and ready for us both.

We both undressed completely and took our places on the massage table and bed as directed. There was a strong sense of excitement in the air while we both anticipated what was to come.

The lighting and music in the room was perfectly suited for the situation and added an air of sensuality to the ambience.

I was instructed by Aubrey to lay down on the massage table and my beautiful significant other was instructed by Jax to take her place on the bed. Both the massage table and bed were in the same room.

Both Jax and Aubrey made us both feel very comfortable prior to, during and after our Tantric massage experience. The experience was relaxing at the same time very erotic and exhilarating.

I knew that my significant other was enjoying her tantric massage because of her verbal cues which consisted of many encouraging and uncontrollable moans of pure pleasure. I found myself wanting to look and watch as she was obviously enjoying the pleasure she was receiving.

We both were very very satisfied at the conclusion of our tantric experience. The whole experience blew more than just our minds and brought the two us us closer because we were able to share and erotic sensual experience together in a safe space and environment.

I would definitely recommend Jax if you are looking to provide your wife , significant other, or Girl Friend with an awesome tantric massage as a very special and meaningful gift of love.

I can’t say enough …….

Avatar for Mark
ashleigh bilesimo
ashleigh bilesimo
Super sweet guy who knows all the right areas to work on to release any stress built up! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone’s!!!
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
A beautiful evocative experience. Jax showed tender care and respect at my comfort level allowing my goddess energy to bloom.
Great tension releasing massage. Jax is amazing at what he does. Highly recommend. 😁
Zainab Husain
Zainab Husain
Jax really made me feel amazing! He was extremely kind, chill and professional. Made for great convo and a very pleasurable experience :) Would recommend.
Suzzie. E W
Suzzie. E W
I would give him an extra star if it was possible. He is talented and knows what he is doing. Helped me get rid of my headache. He gave me extra relationship advice that was helpful on top of the massage. He is on point and friendly. I highly recommend him to any stressed woman out there.
Amy Johnston
Amy Johnston
My first massage ever and Jax made me feel very comfortable. Was very relaxing. Loved loved loved it!!
Cassieardolla Story
Cassieardolla Story
I was in an vehicle accident about a year ago, I still feel the effects of that accident. Combined with me not getting any younger I body starts to hurt. The pain gets to a point where it starts to drain me that’s when I give in and get a massage. I was at my breaking point with the pain that’s when I found Jax! He was professional and did an amazing work on my body! My kids even made a comment about my happy demeanor. I would recommend Jax and will definitely will be back.
leidy gomez
leidy gomez
Absolutely amazing experience! He made me feel so comfortable and he's a master of the craft, highly recommend you treat yourself. Loved it

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