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Solomon Tantra Practitioners

Empowered Healers, Enlightened Touch: The Essence of Solomon Tantra Practitioners

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Jax Solomon, Tantra Master

Jax Solomon is the owner/operator of Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas and founder of Solomon Tantra. He is a highly skilled, experienced, and empathetic professional with a profound understanding of the art and science of tantra bodywork. With years of dedicated practice, he’s honed his techniques, mastering the ancient wisdom of tantra and seamlessly blending it with modern therapeutic approaches. His intuitive touch, compassionate nature, and genuine passion for healing create transformative experiences for his clients, guiding them on a journey towards deep relaxation, emotional balance, and sensual connection. As a respected figure in the tantra community, Jax Solomon continues to inspire and mentor others, sharing his expertise and commitment to the power of touch.

Aubrey Haze, Tantra Masseuse, Tantrika

“A youthful and alluring sweetheart with milky soft alabaster skin, enchanting curves, and a soothing voice. Immerse yourself in luxurious pampering with the unrivaled attention and care that you truly deserve. As a former cuddle therapist, skilled masseuse, and companion, Aubrey possesses an irresistible blend of social intelligence, sensual finesse, and intuitive touch. She prioritizes open communication, authenticity, and a genuine passion for exploring our most intimate fantasies.”

Aranka, Tantrika

Aranka is a “confident, sensual, positive, energetic, classy, playful, nurturing, reliable and professional tantrika with a love and passion for tantric bodywork. She wants to share her loving essence with those that are willing to embrace her in complete surrender. Her Tantric bodywork encompasses healing touch, sacred bathing, and sacral energy work. She offers a safe, comfortable, private, beautiful, and serene environment for clients to feel at ease and surrender.”

Solomon Tantra Mastery Program

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