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Relax, Rejuvenate, and Receive An Erotic and Sensual Tantric Bodywork Experience

Welcome to Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas

Embrace Your Sexuality: Relax and Rejuvenate With the Intimate Touch of Tantra

Sensual Tantra Bodywork in Las Vegas is your ultimate experience to rejuvenate your mind, body, and sensuality. I’m dedicated to providing you an exceptional tantra bodywork experience that cater to your unique needs. I blend ancient tantra with modern touch to give you a transformative and unforgettable experience. Elevate your senses, rediscover your inner peace, and unlock the hidden energies within. Let me be your oasis of tranquility and healing in the midst of your busy day.

Reiki: I’m clothed and my touch will focus on energy work and your body’s relaxation

Tantra Bodywork: I use ultra relaxing and sensual strokes for your bodywork encouraging deeper states of bliss

Sensual Tantra, Nude, Body-to-Body: I’m fully nude as I use very sensual and relaxing bodywork and tantra techniques

Couples Session: You and your partner come for a tantra touch with either a partner observing or both of you receive a tantra session

Fly Me To You: Cover my travel cost so I can provide the experience to you without your having to leave your city

What Others Say About Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas

Although our session is completely discreet, some clients do like to give public reviews.

ashleigh bilesimo
ashleigh bilesimo
Super sweet guy who knows all the right areas to work on to release any stress built up! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone’s!!!
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
A beautiful evocative experience. Jax showed tender care and respect at my comfort level allowing my goddess energy to bloom.
Great tension releasing massage. Jax is amazing at what he does. Highly recommend. 😁
Zainab Husain
Zainab Husain
Jax really made me feel amazing! He was extremely kind, chill and professional. Made for great convo and a very pleasurable experience :) Would recommend.
Suzzie. E W
Suzzie. E W
I would give him an extra star if it was possible. He is talented and knows what he is doing. Helped me get rid of my headache. He gave me extra relationship advice that was helpful on top of the massage. He is on point and friendly. I highly recommend him to any stressed woman out there.
Amy Johnston
Amy Johnston
My first massage ever and Jax made me feel very comfortable. Was very relaxing. Loved loved loved it!!
Cassieardolla Story
Cassieardolla Story
I was in an vehicle accident about a year ago, I still feel the effects of that accident. Combined with me not getting any younger I body starts to hurt. The pain gets to a point where it starts to drain me that’s when I give in and get a massage. I was at my breaking point with the pain that’s when I found Jax! He was professional and did an amazing work on my body! My kids even made a comment about my happy demeanor. I would recommend Jax and will definitely will be back.
leidy gomez
leidy gomez
Absolutely amazing experience! He made me feel so comfortable and he's a master of the craft, highly recommend you treat yourself. Loved it

More About the Experience

A unique fusion of tantra and Reiki energy healing. I combine the power of sensual touch with the subtle energy work of Reiki to harmonize your body and mind. I channel your energies while giving gentle strokes and soothing touch, bringing balance to your energy centers (chakras) and fostering a deep sense of relaxation. I perform this clothed, as you’re invited to wear comfortable or little to no clothing.

Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas is a transformative, unique experience, delving into sensuality and self-awareness. I blend ancient tantric techniques with soothing strokes, cultivating an intimate connection between your body, mind, and sexuality. I use sensual touch, and energy work to open pathways to heightened pleasure and profound relaxation. I perform this with briefs on and invite you to wear comfortable or little to no clothing.


This intimate tantric session encourages a deeper connection between you and your tantra provider as we are both nude, allowing for a more authentic and vulnerable exchange of energy. During the session, I’ll utilize my entire body to skillfully glide and press against yours, heightening the sensations and elevating your pleasure. The combination of traditional tantra techniques, touch, and the stimulating body-to-body contact creates an unforgettable journey of sensuality, relaxation, and sensual awakening, making it a truly transformative experience for your mind, body, and soul.


I invite you and your partner or friend/s to explore the sensual and sensual dimensions of tantra together and develop a deeper bond and intimacy as a result. One can observe as I work on a female partner or both can receive synchronized bodywork from another tantrika that I might be able to work with!

Jax Solomon Tantra Massage Las Vegas Showering at Circa Hotel Suites


If you’re not in Vegas or don’t want to travel, that’s alright, you can fly me to you! You can still get the wondrous experience Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas has to offer without leaving your city (or even ever leaving your home)! It’s simple: you’ll reimburse me for the cost of the travel arrangements which includes flights, hotel and auto rental. I do all the booking so you don’t have to worry about it! I’ll go over the tribute hr recommended. I require a minimum of a 2-hour session paid for every day I’m in your city, whether or not you use the 2 hours. Contact me to make these arrangements.


Do you have something in mind that you would like to incorporate into a tantra session or have something completely unique to you? Let me know what you’d like to experience and perhaps it’s something I can do. With the breadth of experience and skills I have from being a professional for a while, I’m sure it’s something we can bring into reality together.

Although the sessions and Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas body rubs can be incredibly sexy and stimulating, it does not mean I will be performing sexual acts of any kind. Nothing we do in Sensual Tantra Bodywork Las Vegas breaks Nevada laws. The recommended tribute hr of tantra by Jax is always based on demand, season and timing. 

Frequently Asked Questions