Tantric Massage Las Vegas For Women and Couples: Embrace Your Sensuality

Tantric massage is a very unique experience where you may explore your sensuality in new, profound ways. Tantric Massage Las Vegas is unlike traditional massage therapies. More than just physical relaxation, it delves into emotional and sensual intimacy. It’s an experience that combines traditional massage with sensual touch, and energy to awaken a deeper intimacy and appreciation for your body.

Tantric massage is an opportunity for you to become sublimely relaxed and reconnect with your body, unlock levels of pleasure and confidence that extend beyond our session together. 

Tantric Massage in Las Vegas is not just a luxurious escape, but a sensuous, erotic experience. It’s about embracing sensuality, fostering connection, and experiencing your desires fulfilled. 

Woman relaxed for a Tantra Massage
Get an ultra-relaxing tantric massage in Las Vegas. Explore your sensuality and experience the most relaxing and erotic massage you’ve ever had.

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Woman In Luxurious Las Vegas Hotel Waiting For Her Tantric Massage
Experience an ultra-relaxing sensual and erotic massage with tantric massage during your stay in Las Vegas.

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric Massage is different from a traditional massage in that instead of manipulating just muscles, my tantric massage adds sensual touch, energy work, so you may connect with your body, emotions and sexuality. The goal of tantric massage is a whole-body holistic well-being and healing.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage Las Vegas for Women

Tantric massage can be really empowering. Aside from an incredibly total-body relaxing experience, here are some of the amazing effects of tantric massage:

  • Enhances Connection With Your Body
    It helps you get to know your own body better. You become more aware of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t, which can be really helpful in all areas of your life.

  • Increases Sensuality and Pleasure
    It’s great for helping you feel more confident and happy in your skin to enjoy your body and feel more joy and pleasure, which is always a good thing.

  • Drastically Reduces Stress and Anxiety
    Tantric massage makes you feel relaxed and peaceful, decreasing feelings of stress and worry.

  • Balances Your Emotion Centers 
    By connecting with your body in a gentle and respectful way, you can feel more in tune with your emotions. This can help you feel more balanced and calm in your day-to-day life.

  • Deepens Connection with Femininity 
    It’s a beautiful way to embrace your femininity. It helps you feel strong and beautiful in your own way, celebrating being the amazing woman that you are.

Techniques Used In Tantric Massage Las Vegas

  • Western Tantra
    A modern approach to tantra with respect to the wisdom of old tantric traditions
  • Sensual Bodywork
    Incorporating sensual touch that brings you into your body’s erotic awareness
  • Ayurveda
    Focusing on energy points to manifest healing in your body systems
  • Reiki Energy
    Creating chakra and energy balance in your body
Get a tantric massage in Las Vegas with Jax Solomon where you can get your massage in the comfort of your hotel or at his tantra massage studio just 20-35 minutes west of the Las Vegas strip
Get a tantric massage in Las Vegas where you can get your massage in the comfort of your hotel or our incall studio just 20-35 minutes west of the Las Vegas strip

Tantric Massage Las Vegas Session Options

Choose what you’d like or customize your own

Tantra Massage, Nude Body-to-Body

Tantra Massage, Nude Body-to-Body

I use relaxing and sensual strokes for deep states of bliss.

Couples Tantra
Couples Tantra

You and your partner customize a tantric experience with me.

*Got a request? Let me know what you have in mind on what kind of experience you want and I’ll see if it’s something we can arrange for you [or for your partner].

***Although the massages and Las Vegas tantra massage, Las Vegas body rubs can be incredibly sexy and stimulating, it does not mean I will be performing sexual acts of any kind. /hr recommended tribute always varies depending on demand, season and timing. I’ll let you know the amount during our introductory conversation.

Google Reviews

ashleigh bilesimo
ashleigh bilesimo
Super sweet guy who knows all the right areas to work on to release any stress built up! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone’s!!!
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
Jennifer Boisjoli-Ondo
A beautiful evocative experience. Jax showed tender care and respect at my comfort level allowing my goddess energy to bloom.
Great tension releasing massage. Jax is amazing at what he does. Highly recommend. 😁
Zainab Husain
Zainab Husain
Jax really made me feel amazing! He was extremely kind, chill and professional. Made for great convo and a very pleasurable experience :) Would recommend.
Suzzie. E W
Suzzie. E W
I would give him an extra star if it was possible. He is talented and knows what he is doing. Helped me get rid of my headache. He gave me extra relationship advice that was helpful on top of the massage. He is on point and friendly. I highly recommend him to any stressed woman out there.
Amy Johnston
Amy Johnston
My first massage ever and Jax made me feel very comfortable. Was very relaxing. Loved loved loved it!!
Cassieardolla Story
Cassieardolla Story
I was in an vehicle accident about a year ago, I still feel the effects of that accident. Combined with me not getting any younger I body starts to hurt. The pain gets to a point where it starts to drain me that’s when I give in and get a massage. I was at my breaking point with the pain that’s when I found Jax! He was professional and did an amazing work on my body! My kids even made a comment about my happy demeanor. I would recommend Jax and will definitely will be back.
leidy gomez
leidy gomez
Absolutely amazing experience! He made me feel so comfortable and he's a master of the craft, highly recommend you treat yourself. Loved it

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