How Tantric Massage Can Help You Achieve Orgasmic Bliss

Tantric massage can help you achieve orgasmic bliss. It’s a sensual massage that enhances your sensation of pleasure and deepens your connection with your body.


Key takeaway:

Tantric massage helps you get into a physical, mental, and emotional state of relaxation and openness. This is the kind of openness that helps make your inhibitions fade away. Having an amazing masseur who knows what he’s doing also helps [a lot].

Because of the ‘sensual exploration’ and intimate nature of tantric massage, you can easily come into a state of orgasmic bliss as you learn how to let go, and allow yourself to recognize the sensations in your body.

Tantric massage also has an aspect to it that moves your sexual energy in your body to allow it to flow freely and openly. In fact, the more you get a tantric massage, the your you learn  your body and the better you get at developing orgasmic bliss.

Jax Solomon at Palms Hotel Resort For Couples Tantra Massage Clients. Husband in Las Vegas for work and brought his wife for fun. He booked a Four-Hands massage from Jax and Aranka for his wife while he watched. Wife was in massage heaven.
Jax Solomon at Palms Hotel Resort For Couples Tantra Clients. Husband in Las Vegas for work and brought his wife for fun. He booked a Four-Hands from Jax and Aranka for his wife while he watched. Wife was in heaven.

How can tantric massage help achieve a deeper state of orgasmic bliss?

Tantric massage helps individuals achieve a deeper state of orgasmic bliss by awakening and distributing sexual energy throughout the body instead of focusing it just on the genitals. This distribution of energy can lead to full-body orgasms, which are more intense and satisfying than traditional orgasms. By retaining sexual energy within the body and dispersing it, you can experience prolonged states of bliss and ecstasy. Tantric massage techniques, such as gentle touch, breath work, and energy movement, facilitate this process, allowing for a deeper connection with your body and a more profound sexual experience.

What is tantric massage, and how does it differ from traditional massage?

Tantric massage is a form of massage that integrates the principles of tantra, a spiritual and sexual philosophy, with massage techniques. Unlike traditional massage, which primarily focuses on physical relaxation and relief from muscle tension, tantric massage aims to awaken and circulate sexual energy throughout your body. This not only promotes physical relaxation but also emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Tantric massage involves mindful sensual touch, energy work, and the stimulation of the whole body with the goal of enhancing your sexuality and connection to your body. The practice is rooted in the belief that sexual energy is a powerful force for personal transformation and healing.

What are the techniques used in tantric massage to enhance sexual energy?

Several techniques are employed in tantric massage to enhance sexual energy, including gentle touch, breathing work, energy movement, and the sensual stimulation. Different sensual touch techniques like circling, rolling, etc.. are used to activate and stimulate your body’s sexual energy centers. Breath work is important in helping to circulate this energy throughout your body, heightening your states of arousal and pleasure.

Can tantric massage improve intimacy and connection in relationships?

Yes, tantric massage can significantly improve intimacy and connection in your relationships. You can gain a lot of insight into your body and learn to communicate with others your emotions and the sensations in your body. This builds deeper bond and intimacy with your partner/s. The experience of receiving without expectation of your having to give back gives you the sensation of trust and closeness, and freedom-to-be, that’s truly important in intimate relationships. This experience can transform the way you interact sexually and emotionally in your relationships so you can become fulfilled and more connected.

How does tantric massage address sexual dysfunctions?

Tantric massage addresses sexual dysfunctions by focusing on what causes those dysfunctions – things like emotional blockages and inhibitions, stress, or negative sexual experiences and trauma. Tantric massage techniques like gentle, mindful sensual touch and energy work helps release those blockages and allows for your sexual energy to flow more freely in your body. This improves sexual dysfunctions and lack of sexual desire.

Tantric massage encourages a positive and holistic approach to your sexuality and helps people overcome the shame and guilt usually associated with sexual issues and causes of dysfunctions. By building a deeper connection with your body, you can experience healing and a renewed sense of sexual well-being.

How can individuals prepare mentally and physically for a tantric massage session?

You can prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for a tantric massage session by letting everything in your life fade into the background for the duration of that session and focusing only on your body, your emotions and the sensations you’re receiving in the moment. Remind yourself that the only thing that truly exists is the moment you’re in right now.

Physically, it’s a great general rule to be conscious of your health and physical well-being. Develop your willpower so you have the ability to control your nutrition, being mindful of persistent overeating or undereating. While your body requires calories to function optimally, you also become susceptible to debilitating illnesses with an over-excess of weight-gain. Your physical health and vitality is primal to your sexual health and well-being.

Allow yourself, mentally, to be open and have the ability to surrender to be able to receive the massage, be in your body, and pay attention to the sensations during your tantric massage.

How does tantric massage improve self-awareness and personal growth?

Tantric massage allows you to be in the moment and explore your body deeper, your emotions and sexual energy in an intentional way. This is a form of mindfulness or meditation. You become more tuned into your desires, sensual emotions, boundaries and subtle sensations in your body. 

This sensual and emotional exploration allows you to uncover deep-seated emotions, thoughts, and patterns that could be inhibiting your personal and sexual development. Tantric massage is a safe space for your self-discovery and personal growth. You become more self-confident, emotionally resilient and as a result, live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Can tantric massage lead to multiple orgasms, and if so, how?

Tantric massage can help you gain an ability to multi-orgasmic as you learn to come into a space where you’re appreciated as the sexual being that you are, nonjudgmentally accepted and with the ability to become mindful of your body. Also, you learn how to allow your sexual energy to flow in your body. Your sexual arousal can become built up and then allowed to subside as you experience waves of pleasure in your body. You could develop the ability to learn to have control of this pleasure and manifest it in your own way for your particular body.